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Introducing the Pipette Wizard

Pipette wizard is an easy-to-use pipette calibration software, for use on both pipettes and dispensers.


This calibration software provides you with confidence that your pipettes are performing within required specifications.


Pipette Wizard quickly transfers the data from your lab balance to any PC, producing customisable calibration certificates and reports, so you can ensure your pipettes and dispensers are performing as they should.


Check your own Pipettes


In-House Calibrations



Key Features Include:

- Detailed calibration certificates, management level reports and a complete history of pipette checks

- Suitable for all accredited and non-accredited laboratories checking their pipettes in-between external service and calibration clinics.

- Set up display reminders of all pipettes that need checking - never miss a check

- In-depth on-site training, installation & ongoing technical support included

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